About Us

Fresh ingredients used in all of our dishes.
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Authentic Indian flavors created with herbs, spices, and cooking methods.
The best Indian food in Los Angeles comes from using authentic flavors and fresh ingredients in everything we create.

Our Restaurant

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Owned by Manmeet Singh Sahni and his family, Gangadin Indian Cuisine has been serving up the best Indian food in Los Angeles for 35 years in the same location. We are located on Ventura Place in Studio City, placing us directly in the heart of the city of LA. Not just delicious, our best Indian food in Los Angeles features a healthy and wholesome menu that can be enjoyed by your entire family or every member in your party. The moment you walk through our Indian restaurant Los Angeles doors, you’ll be greeted with the scents, flavors, and warm hospitality that only Gangadin Indian Cuisine can provide.

Our best Indian food in Los Angeles isn’t just for eating in. We also offer Indian food catering Los Angeles, and Indian food near me if you’re looking to enjoy wholesome food without having to cook yourself. Our best Indian food in Los Angeles is the ideal pick for those busy evenings, and without any of the guilt. No preservatives, no MSG, and no added animal fats are used in our from-scratch and homestyle Indian cooking.

We don’t stop the experience at our best Indian food in Los Angeles, and we make sure to take care of every detail in our Ventura Place location. This means you can walk through our doors and feel right at home as if you were in a home-style dining room right in the heart of India, and without ever leaving the neighborhood.

Who We Are

Our Dream

Our dream is to provide the best Indian food in Los Angeles, and to do so in a way that respects Indian flavor, culture, and hospitality. We use only the very best fresh ingredients in our Indian food near me, and this allows us to really blossom those authentic flavors many search for when they decide on having Indian food on any given day or night. When you step through our doors at Gangadin Indian Cuisine, you’re greeted with the sights, the sounds, and the atmosphere that shows you you’re about to experience the best an Indian restaurant Los Angeles can offer.

With our wholesome dishes, fresh ingredients, and unbeatable atmosphere, we want to show the LA region what healthy and authentic eating is all about at our best Indian food in Los Angeles restaurant. Our dream is to show the Los Angeles area just what Indian food should be, and to prove that healthy eating is also delicious, authentic, and always enjoyable. You don’t need preservatives or added fats to make tempting food, and we prove this with each and every dish we serve to our area customers.

Core Values

Our core values are comprised of honesty, authenticity, hospitality, and integrity. We communicate our values not by words, but through our actions each time we serve up the best Indian food in Los Angeles to any of our area customers. Whether you’re looking for Indian food near me for yourself, or Indian food catering Los Angeles for any reason, you’ll be greeted with our core values every time you give us a call or pay us a visit. 

From the authentic herbs, spices, and cooking methods we use, to the fresh ingredients we curate for our dishes, you see our core values at play. Our inclusive menu features vegan dishes, gluten free dishes, and traditional dishes to suit every taste or dietary need. We value great hospitality, and we want every resident of the LA region to be able to experience the best Indian food in Los Angeles within our pleasant and tasty atmosphere. 

Our Indian food catering Los Angeles brings our authentic Indian fares to any occasion you may be having. From business luncheons to family celebrations, we bring each of our core values to your location with food you can use to entertain everyone at your table. Guests will see with each bite the type of values we put into the dishes we create.

Our History

Our history began more than 35 years ago right here in the Los Angeles area. Not only have we been serving the best Indian food in Los Angeles for 35 years, but we’ve been doing it from the same location. This allows us to be a generational favorite, serving up the best Indian food in Los Angeles to local residents and watching their families grow. Parents pass their favorite Indian food near me picks down to their children, and we plan to be right here for those children to pass those same favorites down yet again. 

For 35 years, we have held the same philosophy. Our authentic Indian cuisine has been prepared with no MSG, no preservatives, and no added animal fats, and everything is made from scratch. This allows Gangadin Indian Cuisine to serve up home-style Indian cuisine that makes you feel like you’re having home-cooked dinner in the heart of India.